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  1. Dan was not only a great man to call my father in law, he was also my friend. No matter how many times he told me the same stories over and over….they never got old or didn’t make me laugh. The world will truly be at a loss and a lot less special without Dan the “spam” around. I will miss our talks over an ice cold beer and a shot of Jack! Much Love, Mick aka “muck”

  2. I knew Dan my whole life as he married my Sister when I was 4. He was always kind and giving to everyone he met. He also never met a stranger. A couple of my fondest memories with Dan are when the two of us were at the top of a Double Ferris Wheel and scared to death– we just reminisced about this a few weeks ago. Another was “snipe” hunting at the campground, never did get over that one. Loved him like a brother because he was my brother and not a day goes by that I will not think about him and miss him.

  3. My grandpa, he is the best. Anyone who ever met him was greeted with a “howdy” or “hello”, he was the most genuine and sincire man i have ever met. A role model, an amazing grandfather. Its hard to explain the impact someone so amazing has had one your life but if i had one word to describe my grandpa its LOVE. His loves shines through anyone who knew him. He could take a bad day and make it awesome with just one conversation. His laugh alone would put a smile on anyones face. He worked hard to make a great family full of love and with a joy for life and grandpa thats exactly what you did. You are and always will be the greatest inspiration of my life. This life is the blink of an eye to god. I look forward to seeing you again. I love you so much!

    • Met your grandpa only a couple times. You are so right. I am hard of hearing and my hearing aids quite working. He was recommended to me by Sara Lincoln. I will never forget the care and honestly he give me in Repairing aids. A true testament to a kind, loving,honest,and understanding christen man Dan was. May he rest in peace. Don Seamann

  4. Dad, you will always be remembered in our hearts. Your sense of humor and love of life was limitless. As a kid and as an adult, my friends always loved being around you. You were a treasure to share with others. Very proud to be your daughter! I promise to keep your memory alive and well! Love you and miss you so much!

  5. I knew Dan from Sharon that I worked with at dialysis and I can’t say enough about these two they are amazing couple I would look up to. I remember when I took my oldest daughter to Dan to get her hearing checked and he was the only one that found out that she had no tone in her ear so I would greatly appreciate him for that . And also they were the amazing couple that were at my wedding reception and I have nothing but love for both of them Dan you will be missed.

  6. Dad, you were my hero my entire life. You are one of the very rare people in life who never tried to be someone else. You always put everyone else’s needs before yours and you were the definition of humility. I like to think you were one of the only people who “got” me, even though I know you thought at times I was weird too. I miss you so much. Throughout my life, everyone that came into your path thought you were an amazing person. Whenever in doubt I ask myself “What would dad do?” and I can always come up with the right answer. You are one of the smartest, kindest people I have ever known. You took care of your family and never let us down. You never said a mean thing to me. You were a great grandfather and did more than most ever would. You are an inspiration to us all. I am sure that I never showed enough gratitude to you or told you often enough how much I loved you but I thank you from the bottom of my heart for teaching me how to be a strong, independent woman. Words will never express the hole that is left in my heart. Until we meet again… Andrea

  7. When I first met Dan, I was so amazed at all the dreams this man had….He wanted to build a home with his own hands….Did It,…..He wanted to retire and start a PT Buisness because he cared about his customers…He did it…He wanted to buy a sail boat and take his wife sailing during their retirement years. He did it… This guy became a friend, the first minute he met someone… He so loved his girls and would walk thru fire for them…I just hope someday I can fulfill half the dreams that my friend Dan di…Rest in peace Dan

  8. I am lost without you. You are my best friend, my rock, my soul, my heart. You brightened every day for me with that great smile of yours and you sure knew how to make me laugh. The world will be a much duller place without you. You are the kindest man on this earth and always see the best in everyone. Anyone who was lucky enough to cross your path came away a better person. I always told you in case you forgot that you were the luckiest man alive, but really I am the lucky one to have had you beside me for 50 years. You are a great father and grandfather, husband, son, uncle, and brother and you are generous to a fault. I wish you could have stayed beside me a ltitle longer. We weren’t quite finished yet. We still had many cups of coffee and many conversations yet to share. I will miss kicking your — in cards. I will be less without you and I sure as heck won’t know what’s going on in this crazy world. You and Dad can drive around in his truck and fix things and build stuff. Hope you have all the shims you need. You can help your Mom wash windows and clean gutters. Have a Jack or two with Tim and Paul and say hi to all those with whom you are reunited. Love you so much and will miss you more every day. Sail on……….but please stay in touch.

  9. Graduated 1966 at UT with Dan. We were in a couple of classes together, and he was always friendly and kind. He was a great guy. My deepest sympathies on your loss. You will be in my thoughts and prayers..

  10. I am so sorry we are in AZ and unable to make Dan’s celebration. He was one of those special men that was such a wonderful guy to know. He is gone too soon but by reading the memorial to his life I can see why God wanted him! I am so sorry and our sympathy, love and prayers go to you, Sharon, the girls and the family.

  11. So sorry to hear about your loss. Our prayers will be with your family. Nicki, your dad was always so kind and loving to me and always had a story and a smile. I am so fortunate to have spent time with him and your mother. Love all of you. Kiz and Jeff Olson

  12. It has been years since seeing and speaking with Dan. One thing I would always remember is he always had a smile on his face. I fondly remember him as an all around good person. The world surely needs more people like him. My prayers are with your family at this moment of such significant loss.

  13. I have known Dan many years he was with me the day we found out our son now 35 was deaf he helped us get through a very difficult time. He was always trying new aids to try to help our son he truly loved his job . I also got the privilege of working at AEA for many years and have Dan work with some of the students I interpreted for . He will be dearly missed. Many prayers to his family. A true meaning to a kind and genuine human being.

  14. Few couples are fortunate enough to know a relationship as full of love as Sharon and Dan. They demonstarted to us all what it means to live the vows that are promised ” to be good to you for better or worse, rich or poor, sickness and health. I will love you and honor you all the days of our lives.” So many people respect you, admire you and envy you for what you were privileged to share. But we also know that it was not luck. It was a commitment that you made and lived up to because of the people that you are. Kindness, generosity, sincerity, and loyalty describe you both. No matter if it is your family, your friends, your co- workers, your Hawkeys or a stranger, you are there when you are needed. Sharon and family, know that my sadness for you is huge. Life without Dan will leave a hole in your hearts. But also know that it hurts so much because of the enormous love you shared. He won’t be here, but he will always be with each of you ” all the days of your life.” … And until you meet again, May God hold you in the palm of his hand. I hope you find comfort in the friendship that we offer.

  15. I’ve known Dan for almost thirty years, and in the 45 years I have walked this planet I have yet to meet a kinder, gentler, or more thoughtful human being. Dan was the definition of the guy who would take the shirt of his back to help you. He put a smile on your face and just made you feel good in your skin. He bent over backwards to make you feel welcome. Dan never so much as raised his voice to me, even though I deserved it. Sharon? Andrea?….I can think of the truly “epic” people I have known in life and Dan stands above. I hadn’t spoke with Dan in years, but I always had it on my mind to give him a huge “Thank You” and speak of my admiration. Gone way too soon! May God Bless Him and His Family.

    Rich Nettleton

  16. I have great memories of Dan and his work with the students with hearing needs in Sergeant Bluff-Luton and the Western Hills AEA. He was a fine man who loved his family and community. He always had a smile and a warm welcome.

    I attend Mass at New Melleray as it is ten miles from my home. I will remember him at Mass and watch for a tree in his memory..

  17. Dan was a great guy with a big personality. He fitted me with hearing aids & made numerous trips to make them fit. I live in Cresent Park when he worked at the school so he was kind enough to stop. He was always professional, pleasant & entertaining. Then I brought my sister to his office & he put her in hearing aids & also her husband. He will be sorely missed. RIP. Prayers

  18. Sharon and family: We just heard the news and our hearts are aching. Rick will miss the phone calls from Dan on an issue with one of the rentals and the conversations that they would have. Dan helped both of our mother’s with their hearing aides and was ever so patient with them. We had some good laughs during our get togethers during those dialysis days. I could go on and on but just know that we are here for you, Sharon. Rick is always just a call away. May God hold you in His arms each minute of every day.
    Sue & Rick Brenden

  19. Message from the Gavins Point Yacht Club Commodore to Members:

    It is with sadness once again I report a loss of a member of the Gavins Point Yacht Club. Dan Dailey passed away unexpectedly while in Florida. Dan and Sharon moved into a slip next to Joyce and I on H dock a couple of years ago. In short order his smile, laughter and kindness brought to him many new boating friends. We will miss Dan, please keep Sharon and family in your thoughts and prayers.

    Celebration of Life Services will be Saturday February 25th 4-8 p.m. Country Celebrations 5606 Hamilton Blvd Sioux City, Iowa

    In a beautiful blue lagoon on a clear day, a fine sailing ship spreads its brilliant white canvas in a fresh morning breeze and sails out to the open sea. We watch her glide away magnificently through the deep blue and gradually see her grow smaller and smaller as she nears the horizon. Finally, where the sea and sky meet, she slips silently from sight, and someone near me says, ‘there, she is gone!’ Gone where? Gone from sight. That is all. She is still as large in mast and hull and sail, still just as able to bear her load. And we can be sure that, just as we say, ‘there, she is gone’ another says, ‘there, she comes!’.” Henry Van Dyke

    Jim Vlahakis
    Commodore 2017

  20. It’s very difficult to capture such a great individual and everything they added to numerous lives in this tribute. Dan was by far one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. He always earned your attention with a warm welcoming smile. It was definitely a blessing to be welcomed so generously into the family and supported as the husband of one of his great daughters. Sitting by the fire, losing in dominoes, and political conversations will never be the same without him. Thanks for proving that you can be an exceptionally nice guy and still win.

  21. Sharon we were so sorry to hear about Dans passing, I will always remember delivering packages to him at the house after he “retired” and the Sunday night meeting at Bob Roes. I am so glad he got to do so many of the things he wanted to accomplish in life, and I know he couldn’t of done it without you and your family.

  22. So sorry for your loss. Dan was wonderful with my hearing impaired son when he worked for AEA. What a kindhearted and patient man he was. We were so lucky to have gotten him to work with 30 years ago!!

  23. Dan and Sharon were a big part of my life and the life of my recently departed soul mate, Paul Butler. Paul loved it when Dan was present at any dialysis events because they would share stories ( and Jack and Cokes). Paul and Dan are probably in heaven right now visiting and feeling sorry for all of us down here. Dan will be truly missed, he was one heck of a nice guy always there for others.

    • Cathy, I met Paul a long time ago and I am so happy my parents remained friends with you both. My parents talked about you both all the time. Paul still remains in their hearts and I do think Dad and Paul are both saying “wow, this is a great place!”

  24. What can I add to the accolades already bestowed on “Dan the Audiologist Man” which is how I referred to him!!! I was fortunate to have worked with Dan while he served the students in the Sioux City district. He was a professional who knew his STUFF ! He and I also shared a love of Italian food!! We often shared recipes. I was blessed to have knower him!!

  25. Dan was a great guy. I have such fun memories of growing up with my dear friend Nicki…hanging out at their house. He put up with us girls well, and actually seemed to enjoy us being around! That’s what I will remember about him…he was full of love and joy and it always showed in that great smile of his. Later as an adult I was lucky enough to see him pop into my classroom every once in awhile to say hello when he was doing hearing tests at the school I taught at. It was always great seeing him, and his friendly smile would leave an imprint on my heart for the rest of the day. He just had a way of making me feel good. After reading all of these tributes it sounds like that was common ground for him. He will be greatly missed.

  26. Sharon, you have my deepest sympathies. Dan was so unusually kind. My Dad drove from Ft. Dodge just to get his hearing aides new or adjusted. Dan was so good about listening to Dads stories. Especially since my Dad is 100% Irish and there are Dailey’s in his family tree. Dan would always help Dad up and down the steps. Dan was a beautiful human being. Thanks for sharing his retirement with all of us, Sharon. You have your own set of angel wings. God bless.

  27. I feel privileged to have called Dan a friend. Being an audiologist myself, we had many conversations both on the phone and in meetings regarding our approaches to patient care. I can say with 100% confidence that Dan did it the right way. I will miss our conversations. I will miss his smile and always positive attitude. He will be remembered as one of the good ones. My thoughts and prayers our with you and your family.

  28. Sharon, we were so shocked and saddened to hear the news of Dan’s passing. Our deepest sympathies to you and your family. We so enjoyed meeting you both at the state park in Yankton when you first brought your new camper out. Not the best weekend for you I remember, since you ended up with a stomach bug and were stuck in the camper for a lot of that weekend! Still, you were such a trooper and we have loved visiting with both of you in different campgrounds since then. You both made a big impression on us as such kind and warm people. We’ll miss seeing you around the campgrounds in Yankton! I’m so sorry that you didn’t get to spend more time with Dan in Dunedin, but I know you’ll have many more great times there with your family. We wish you the very best! If there is anything we can do to be helpful, please call on us.

    • Oh that first camping trip. Yes, I was ill and you two brought me chicken soup and ginger ale. That’s when I knew Dan & I had made some great new friends. We so loved sharing stories with you. Happy camping and travelling to you! Thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness.

  29. Dick and I were saddened to hear about Dan passing away. We started reminiscing about our time in Sgt. Bluff spent with Dan and family. Two things were at the top of the list. The first, the plays done during the Sgt. Bluff Days–“The Sound of Music” was great. The second, the time our families spent at Fillenwarth’s on Lake Okoboji. Dan went with Mark out on the Fillenwarth’s ski boat with the hope of getting Mark up on skis. We have a picture of them coming back with Mark’s thumb in the air. It was a successful outing.

  30. Have you ever met someone and known immediately that you were going to become great friends? That’s how it was for us when we first met Dan and Sharon! There is a saying that goes: “Friendship isn’t one big thing… it’s a million little things”, and the years that followed found us sharing a million adventures & good times together! We have been so very blessed to have had the best friends in the world. Right now that world feels a little darker without Dan’s smile to brighten it up. Dan will be forever missed but will always live in our hearts. And we will see you again, our friend… on the other side of the sunset.

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